ROCKET Sport Dryer

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With ROCKET Sport Mat, Never step on a dirty changing room floor every again and stop using towels and carpets which absorb harmful bacteria and then transferred to your equipment! Get the Silver Fibre At Your Feet!

Base made from Polypropylene with high strength moplen hinges

The antimicrobial/antibacterial properties of silver have been known to cultures all around the world for many centuries. The ROCKET Sport mat surface is composed by a pure and slim silver layer which thanks to the nanotechnologies used cover the textile fibre in a permanent way. This permanent composition allows the textile fibre to maintain its traditional textile features and its tactile texture and it allows to maintain the antibacterial silver proprieties.

These antibacterial proprieties specific of silver remain permanently even after washing.


Anti-Bacterial Silver Fiber


Environmentally Friendly

Made in Italy

17″ x 20″

Packed in Case of 24 Units

Silver & Black




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