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The ROCKET SPORT SantizerBox can be used at  home and on the road. Kill 99.9% of bacteria on cell phones, keys, ear buds, wallets and your Mask. Just drop your possessions in the SanitizerBox and the close the lid.  Features a 15 Minute Automated Timer. USB connection. Portable worldwide usage.





 Rated input: Micro 5V/1A

UV-C wavelength: 254mm

Working Temperature: 0-55c

Max power: 5W

UV-C light power: 1.5W x 3

Maximum sterilizing space: 192 x 185 x 72mm 

Product size: 210 x 210 x 92mm

Handy easy to use

We’ve long known the advantages of UV light for killing bacteria. The RocketBox is perfect—easy to use, quick and large enough to hold a bunch of stuff. From sanitizing our fabric face masks to dumping our keys, phones sunglasses in it after getting home, it gives us peace of mind. Ordering a couple for each of our adult kids!!
— Ted Tracee Nesbitt (2020-09-29)

Wouldn\t Travel with out It!

I love the new ROCKET SPORT SanitizerBox! I won't travel with out it! I dump my keys, cell , hotel card and wallet in as soon as i get in the room! Ready to go in 15 Mins!
— Mark Armand (2020-09-29)


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