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What is the ROCKET Sport Dryer? The ROCKET Sport Dryer commonly knows as the ROCKET is a unique and innovative product designed to quickly and effectively dry excess moisture and perspiration from sporting equipment. A combination of heat  and vented air dries most sporting equipment and clothing within 60 minutes The drying process significantly reduces unpleasant odors and prevents the buildup of potentially harmful bacteria The rapid elimination of corrosive sweat also significantly increases the lifespan of sporting equipment, keeping it like new.

How does the ROCKET work? Equipment and clothing is hung on a vertical racking system that combines aluminum support bars and S-hooks The racking system is enclosed within a polyurethane-lined fabric dryer bag The heater unit heats air inside at a constant 70 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit) A fan circulates air and vents excess moisture to quickly and gently dry equipment and clothing inside and out – even in hard to reach interior areas of skates and gloves that contain a tremendous amounts of bacteria.

Why does the ROCKET work so well? The ROCKET  quickly dries away excess moisture and perspiration to keep your equipment like NEW! Minimizes contact time of corrosive sweat against joints and fasteners Preserves integrity and tensile strength of fabrics, equipment straps Combination of regulated heat and vented air dries equipment thoroughly without overheating or damaging material like traditional tumble-dryers.

Is the ROCKET unique? The ROCKET  is COMPLETELY UNIQUE!  Other so-called ‘sport dryers’ are nothing more than sports organizers or equipment trees. The ROCKET is the ONLY ‘sport dryer’ on the market that uses heat  and circulated air to actively eliminate moisture & perspiration from hockey equipment. Provides the features and convenience of a traditional equipment tree PLUS the added benefits of odor and bacteria fighting dryer technology.

Proudly used and endorsed by pro mascots in NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and MLS



Temperature:  Heats inside air bag to a temperature of  60- 70 degrees Celcius  (140-160 degrees F).

Average Drying Time: 45-60 minutes for youth equipment, 60-75 minutes for adult equipment and 75-90 minutes for goaltender equipment

Capacity: Top  rack supports up to 30 pounds ( 13.5 kilograms)

Automatic Timer:  Up to 180 minutes 

Patent Protected

Certification : ETL and cETL  certification  

Net Weight:  12 Pounds (5.5 kilograms)

Air Bag : PU COATED oxford fabric

Dimensions : 30" x 60" 

Voltage: 110 Volt, NOT FOR USE IN EUROPE even with an adapter

Made of Polycarbonate plastic and high-quality aluminum. 

Portable design, it is easy to install and dismantle, suitable for sports, leisure , business and travel.

DO NOT Leave any equipment or clothing near the motor and heat source as this can seriously damage your equipment

You have a great product.

You have a great product. I feel lost without it!!!
— Marc Beaudin -Pure Hockey (2017-08-07)

Time after time it's stood up to the challenge

.We have done test after test to see how this product effects fur. Time after time it's stood up to the challenge without any damage. We are proud to announce our partner ship with Rocket Sport! Alinco Costumes
— Alinco Costumes (2017-07-05)


Verified Purchase BEST Investment ever! Dries hockey gear in no time. Helps keep the smell down, compact, easy to travel with, easy to set up, and great for the player that hits the ice often and hates putting on wet gear. YUK!
— Matt Beckeron-Amazon (2017-06-13)

I wish I would have bought this 20 years ago ...

Verified Purchase I wish I would have bought this 20 years ago. I skate three times a week and it noticeably cuts down on the odor, drys the equipment out along with concealing it. Wife likes it for sure!
— SnipeTime-Amazon (2017-05-11)

This product is great! We use this for my sons ice hockey ...

Verified Purchase This product is great! We use this for my sons ice hockey equipment. When the product arrived the size of the box was deceiving but when I opened the package and put it together I was so pleased . All of my sons equipment fit in it. We set the timer for 90 minutes and it did the job perfectly. Delivery was quick and Customer Service (Eddie) was excellent!! Thank you!!!!
— A.Kajtazi -Amazon (2017-03-15)

This saved my husband's hockey equipment!

Verified Purchase Wish we could get this shipped to Canada. Ended up shipping to Buffalo and driving down to get it. Worth the extra effort - awesome tool that has literally saved my husband's hockey equipment. We've had an extra cold winter this year, so it's great to wake up to dry, warm clothes and skates for morning practice & games. As an added bonus we can keep it in the garage (timer feature is great), so no smelly equipment in the house! The Rocket is compact in size and still fits full uniform and skates for a large adult. Really a must have for any sports enthusiast. Well build, easy to use, and worth the investment.
— Monica- Amazon (2017-03-09)

It dries your gear like, really well.

Verified Purchase This thing is a God send for hockey players. I don't care what players say about "living with the stink" I also don't want to die of some viral disease so, this thing works wonders. Play a game/practice, get home, put your gear in this thing and let it sit for an hour and BOOM, dry gear for the next outing. A must have.
— Glaucuson -Amazon (2016-11-20)

as advertised

Verified Purchase Unpackaged the contents, followed all directions and performs as advertised. This item in some of the reviews i read mentioned legs of the unit not staying in when moved. Either this problem has been fixed since that review or the reviewer did not have the legs all the way pushed in. Soaked gear in water to get out some of the funk, set the unit for 60 minutes and hockey gear was nearly dry. A half-hour more and was done. No question this unit will dry out gear from a game in 60 minutes even if you sweat a lot.
— good dog -Amazon (2016-04-24)

Absolutely. Freaking. Incredible.

Verified Purchase I've only had this for a few months, but after using it once, I knew just how great this thing is. I play inline and ice hockey, and have separate complete sets of gear for each. I usually play two games of inline and then one ice hockey game in one afternoon, so being able to dry both sets in about 3 hours is really nice! Because my inline games occur first, that gear often gets stuck in the hot car for most of the day. When I take the stuff out of the bag, the stench is overpowering and the gear is completely soaked. I put the gear into this dryer and in about 90 minutes, it's dry and the smell is practically completely gone! Operation of this thing is really simple and it's very quiet...not library quiet, but nothing that would bother anyone. I leave it fully assembled in my dining room. I have only minor nitpicks with this, but none bad enough to warrant anything less than 5-stars: I would like the numbers around the timer knob to be better visible, and I would like the same Condura material to be used in the entire travel bag instead of half Condura and the other half a cheaper-feeling vinyl fabric.
— A55A551N 11B3P -Amazon (2017-10-09)

so it's not the worst thing in the world

Verified Purchase I use my drying rack about five times a week. I play a lot of hockey. My gear comes out not so smelly, and perfectly dry after three hours. I keep it in my garage, so I can pull my bag out of my trunk and then hang stuff up right away. My biggest issue with it is the arms. I hang a couple of heavy items (chest/arm protector and goalie pants) and sometimes those arms will snap out of place, dumping my gear on the bottom. It generally still dries, so it's not the worst thing in the world, but it is quite an annoyance to fix it once a week or once every other week. It also took a while to figure out how to balance my gear in there so it didn't tip. As others have said, the legs aren't amazing, but now that I have it in a permanent location, and I arrange it in as balanced a way as possible, I haven't had tipping issues. This fits my intermediate sized chest/arm protector, pants, catcher, blocker, skates, jill, and neck protector. Sometimes I hang my mask in there as well. It all fits, and it all dries.
— Wendy Thomason -Amazon (2017-10-09)

This was a gift for my father

Verified Purchase This was a gift for my father (who is a goalie), and minus his leg pads, EVERYTHING fits well, and really is dry within an hour... It works so well, I'm considering getting one for myself. This is a must have, especially if you 1) play often enough that you equipment isn't always dry or 2) Live up north, vs. the cold garage!
— Daniel Brownon -Amazon (2017-10-09)


Verified Purchase We purchased the dryer just in time for a tournament. It completely dried my peewee's gear in 60 minutes between games. It does get a little smelly in a hotel room but if you spray the gear with Febreeze and then put it in the dryer, that seems to help. Open a window too! It's great that it has a timer and goes off automatically. I can see using this for lots of things - snow skiing gear, wetsuits, bathing suits, beach towels, etc. Anything that you want dried out before putting it on again. It folds up super compact so that it travels easily. We are driving to another tournament in a couple weeks and the dryer will definitely be traveling with us! It seems to have plenty of power - we dried 2 sets of gear today in 2 hours. I would definitely recommend this dryer for anybody that has hockey players in their life. This would make a great gift too for a hockey family or coach!
— ByBaerftnon Amazon (2017-10-09)

Excellent Hockey Accessory

My wife was always complaining how I left my hockey equipment out to dry after playing. After hanging up my equipment and closing it up in the dryer cover, it gets full wife approval. It's also very quiet which is a plus since I keep this in the bedroom. The dryer noise is comparable to a quiet room humidifier.
— Saccia Austin, TX -Pure Hockey (2013-10-09)

Drys well but not very sturdy

The dryer works well and dries my goalie gear except for the leg pads and helmet. The head is plastic with hinged arms that are not very sturdy. The instructions don't tell you to hang the heaver items from the little holes near the main shaft. I had 2 arms break off from the weight of the chest protector after the first use. When I called the company they said they would replace it for $15. I now hang the heavy items from the holes near the shaft and it works fine.
— gokihara (2017-01-31)

Perfect Product

Mine was bought for me by my wife. She was tired of going in the bathroom and all my gear would be hanging with the heater vent on. Now I put everything in there minus the leg pads and helmet, start the timer, and about every 15 minutes or so I spray fabreeze from the bottom and then through the small air holes in the top. Not only does my gear get dry it smells a little better. 5 stars for sure.
— My wife (2016-05-12)

Wish I bought one sooner!

Outstanding piece of equipment. Received this as a gift from a teammate and finally got to setting it up for use. Setup was easy and it worked great. If you don't want your gear sitting around wet this is an awesome solution. Especially if you play tournament hockey with multiple games in a day. Nothing is nastier than having to put on cold wet gear a couple hours later to play in. This solves your problem and keeps the stink out by cutting down on the bacterial growth from laying around damp. Awesome machine.
— Chili31 (2016-06-01)

Great Item!

Purchased this last year and loved it! very sturdy. Drys equipment in no time flat! It was awesome at my one day tournament. I Highly recommend it.
— Trickey (2014-00-25)


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