Get to know your NHL Mascots! Meet Vancouver Canucks FIN @CanucksFin

Rocket | 2017-01-31

Get to know your NHL Mascots! Meet FIN @CanucksFin …the friendly Orca Whale from the Vancouver Canucks. ROCKET SPORT keeps FIN dry with his ROCKET DRYER on the road and his ROCKET Locker at Rogers Arena.
The Vancouver Canucks are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Canucks play their home games at Rogers Arena, formerly known as General Motors Place, which has an official capacity of 18,860.
FIN’s Favourites
Favourite Food: B.C. Salmon
Favourite Books: Moby Dick and Fin’s Friends books
Favourite Movies: Orca and Free Willy
Favourite Charity: Canucks For Kids Fund
Favourite Websites:, Canucks Kids Club
Least Favorite Team: Hartford Whalers
Hangouts: Rogers Arena, Canuck Place, Aquarium, Sea Wall
Special Skills: Shooting mist from his blowhole, playing goal (“Flops Like a Whale” style), signature head-bite, cheering on the Canucks!
Did You Know?
FIN is not a SHARK! I get many people calling me “Sharkie”!
You want a shark go to San Jose. I am all whale baby… even better I am a mammal and actually ‘eat’ fish.
I do well over 100 appearances every year and this does not include Canucks games. I have made appearances at weddings, community events, and birthday parties (ranging from 1 to 90 years old). I even travel to other cities. I have been to Florida, New York, Montreal, and Toronto. Not to mention many beautiful places all over British Columbia. From my experiences this truly is B.C.’s team.
I get many people asking why I never come to their sections at games. I can only tell you that I do my best to visit everyone, but I do have a game night itinerary which often requires me to be at certain places at specific times.
Who is your favorite player?
I really do not have any favorites. I can tell you that they are all a bunch of great guys.
Fast Facts
– Killer whales have sound reception or hearing through the lower jaw through the soft tissue and bone surrounding the ear.
– Killer whales have acute vision both in and out of the water (especially for popcorn at Rogers Arena).
– Killer whales breathe through a single blowhole on the dorsal surface of their heads.

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